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Program Details

Civic Engagement and Global Consciousness Projects

Below, you can find dedicated James Scholar Civic Engagement and Global Consciousness projects. ONE course is recommended:
Service Learning and Social Justice

Please consult the campus Class Schedule for availability and times:

  • ART 260   Museums in Action   credit: 3 Hours.
    Considers how scholarly discourse in museum interpretation and educational program development are translated into practices that engage culturally diverse audiences. Readings, research, and professional activities provide students with opportunities for examination of museum interpretive practices, programming decisions, and public engagement activities, along with analysis of Krannert Art Museum's presence on the university campus, in the larger community, and on the World Wide Web. Additional fees may apply. See Class Schedule.

  • SPAN 232   Spanish in the Community   credit: 3 Hours.
    Introduction to Spanish-speaking communities in the Champaign-Urbana area, focusing on issues of particular interest to the local Hispanic community, developing contextualized oral proficiency, and facilitating student civic engagement. Active student reflection is structured throughout the course. Meets two hours a week in class and two hours a week in community-based service work. In their interactions with community members and organizations students both learn from and contribute to the community.
    Same as LAST 232. Prerequisite: SPAN 141SPAN 142, or equivalent.
  • SPAN 232   Spanish and Entrepreneurship (SPRING only course)   credit: 3 Hours.
    Entrepreneurship means more than starting a business. This course emphasizes social entrepreneurship, in which the basic process of entrepreneurship-opportunity recognition, resource gathering and value creation is used to address social issues, not to create profits. Students do community-based learning in non-profits serving the local Spanish-speaking community, thereby building their language skills, acquiring cultural knowledge and gaining hands-on experience with social entrepreneurship (theory and practice). Each week class meets two hours in class and two hours in community-based service work.
    Prerequisite: SPAN 228.
  • UP 478   Community Development Workshop   credit: 4 Hours.
    Application of community development principles and techniques to the solution of environmental, economic and social problems facing low income urban communities. Involves small group projects and off-campus field work in collaboration with community leaders.
    4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: UP 260, senior or graduate standing, or consent of instructor.
  • EPOL 380   Education & Social Justice   credit: 3 Hours.
    Introduces students to key definitions, theories, and practices of justice in education. Using a combination of philosophical and political theory-based analyses of the features of justice: fairness, equity, representation, responsibility, and difference, among others, readings invite students to consider how education and schooling can help to nurture democratic ties and equity.
    Same as EPS 380.

LINC Courses

Study Abroad

If participating in a spring/winter break or summer study abroad program (taken from Illinois), students can earn James Scholar credit by presenting their experience AT A SPRING SEMESTER EVENT.

NOTE: James Scholar Credit must be the immediate semester but is based on the commitment to present at a spring venue.   

Students who study abroad in the summer will earn fall James Scholar credit but it is based on their presentation in the spring and does not constitute their spring project since it counted for fall.

Students interested in earning James Scholar credit for study abroad will need to create a 4-5 minute video about their educational experience and present at one of the James Scholar spring events.

Contact the College of Education Admissions and Records Officer at with questions and for video and presentation details.

PLEASE NOTE: Semester long study abroad trips automatically fulfill the James Scholar requirement for the semester the student is abroad. The semester long study abroad does not require a presentation.