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James Scholar Honors Program

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Study Abroad

Program Details

Your study abroad experience can meet your semester James Scholar project. The type of additional work needed depends on the type of experience. See below for details.

Short Trip (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter Break)

If participating in a spring/winter break or summer study abroad program (taken from Illinois), students can earn James Scholar credit by presenting their experience AT A SPRING SEMESTER EVENT.

NOTE: James Scholar Credit for short trips is based on the commitment to present at the annual James Scholar Recognition Brunch in April.   

Students who study abroad in the summer will earn fall James Scholar credit .

Students interested in earning James Scholar credit for study abroad will need to create a 4-5 minute video about their educational experience and present at one of the James Scholar spring events. Your video should:

  • Be 4-5 minutes in length.
  • State where you went and include any interesting relevant information you would like to include.
  • Have no background music (you may narrate if you wish).
  • Not include pictures of the faces of any students you worked with in classrooms on your trip. You may include pictures that do not include the faces of children in the classroom (pictures taken from behind the students, empty classrooms, etc).
  • Your video should focus on the educational aspect of your trip rather than the sightseeing you participated in. Tourist activities may be included as filler, but the video should focus on what you learned from the trip.
  • Video presentations must be created and presented individually. No collaboration is allowed.
  • Pictures and video clips should be of good quality. We welcome you to be as creative as you can in making this video presentation!
  • Please proofread any text you add to ensure good grammar and correct spelling are used.

Contact with questions and for video and presentation details.

Semester Long Trip

Semester Long Study Abroad Experiences automatically fulfill the James Scholar semester project requirement. No additional presentation is needed.