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Leadership Center I-Programs


Please note, students may use a total of two Leadership programs to count for James Scholar credit. If you have already attended two Leadership Center programs for James Scholar credit, please select another option.

To receive James Scholar credit, you will need to follow these steps in order:

1. Register for an option below through the Leadership Center website: It needs to be a program you have not previously attended.  

2. REGISTRATION REQUIRED on ILC WEBSITE!  Student must be aware of ILC registration deadlines and capacity limits and be certain they register as soon as possible to ensure the program can be taken.

Once you receive an email registration confirmation from the Leadership Center, you will need to upload the confirmation to your eHCLA (for programs which registration opens after the deadline for submitting the eHCLA).

3. Submit the eHCLA by March 1st or October 1st to indicate which program you will (or did) attend.

4. Once you attend the program, you will upload a pdf or jpeg of your certificate from the program. If you do not submit this by the date indicated in your e-mail, James Scholar project credit will not be awarded for the program.

To receive James Scholar credit for attending an Illinois Leadership Center program, students are expected to be an active and positive participant.