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James Scholar Honors Program

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Honorary James Scholars

2012 Honorees

Donald Cohen

Mr. Donald Cohen is simply known as "The Mathman." He was a great educator and has influenced thousands of children and adults throughout his life. He began teaching in the 1950s and worked his way into teaching teachers in the early 1960s. He began his own business, The Math Program, in 1976 in Champaign/Urbana. The business lasted 38 years.

Cindy Reiter

Mrs. Cindy Reiter is a staff member in the Student Academic Affairs Office. She has assisted several units in the College of Education and retired from the university after many years of service.

Johnnie Mae Dorris

Ms. Johnnie Mae Dorris grew up in Webb, Mississippi. At the age of 69, she went back to high school to get her diploma.

She is an inspiration to her grandson, Dr. Chris Span, Associate Dean for Academic Programs.